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This is a warning light intended to show a fault with either fluid level in the headlamp washer system or an electronic fault with the headlamp washing or wiping system.
This light indicates ignition stage of the starting procedure. The light should extinguish as soon as the vehicle is started. If this light is illuminated during the running of the engine, it indicates a fault in the battery charging system.
In our house, this light indicates it is my turn to drive the car !!!!!
This light is a very useful light - it indicates that you are very close to the reserve capacity of your fuel tank. On some diesels, running out of fuel can require the vehicle's fuel system to be re-bled. This can be quite a lengthy process.
This light indicates the heater eliment in the front or rear screen is activated. The front screen is usually a timed process which switches off automatically. The rear screen does not always follow in this manner and therefore will require switching off manually.
This light indicates that one of the doors, bonnet or boot is open. Central locking and alarm systems will not operate whilst this light is on.
This light indicates the Heater Plug system is in operation. It should light up briefly and then extinguish every time the ignition is activated. If the light stays on for any length of period after the vehicle has been started, it indicates a fault in either the Heater Plug circuit or on some models, a fault with the engine management system.
This light indicates that a fault is in the air bag system. This system is a safety system and one day may save your life. We recommend if this light is on in your vehicle you should have the fault diagnosed and rectified, only by qualified technicians.
Most modern cars have some kind of headlamp control system fitted, warning lights are now fitted to indicate system malfunctions. These systems can be tested and diagnosed by our test equipment.
This light indicates that the windscreen washer fluid is low. Some vehicles can hold over 5 litres, so always make sure that you dilute screenwash additives to the correct ratios.
Seatbelt wearing is compulsory in the UK. This warning light can indicate that someone traveling in your vehicle is not wearing their safety belt. As the driver, you are responsible for all of your passengers to wear safety belts. This could incur a hefty fine if caught by the Police.
This is the hazard warning light symbol. It should flash as the warning lights are pressed on.
This light in red indicates that the engine oil pressure is below the Manufacturers threshold, and the vehicle should be stopped immediatley and the engine switched off. This light in yellow could indicate either cold engine oil or low engine oil.
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