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Services We Offer

Atlantic Performance Centre Ltd has a state-of-the-art fully equipped workshop which can cater for any make or model of vehicle, from changing a bulb to complicated electronic diagnostics. Being Established since 1990, we have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of vehicle diagnostics and repair, therefore we can offer a vast wealth of knowledge in all of the following areas.

Auto Electronics
We have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment, which caters for a broad spectrum of vehicles, including some commercial vehicles.

We can check and advise on conditions of braking components. This also includes electronic systems, such as ABS Electronic Control Units and electronic parking brakes, carrying out any repairs and supplying parts as necessary.

Servicing is carried out in our dedicated Service Bays by fully qualified Technicians, completing work to Manufacturer specifications at a discounted price. Also as part of servicing we can replace Cambelts, Shock Absorbers, Wheel Bearings and Suspension Components.

Clutches and Transmission
We can carry out all replacements of clutch components and transmission, including electronic controlled clutch actuators and dual mass fly-wheel replacement.

Our latest diagnostic equipment allows us to interrogate nearly every Electronic Control Unit (ECU) on all vehicles. This can sometimes be offered whilst you wait. Please pre-book this service before arriving.

Mechanical Repairs
We can carry out any mechanical repair to most vehicles, jobs as small as a blown fuse up to a engine re-build, can be catered for in our workshops.

We can supply tyres for most makes of vehicles at a competative price.

Diagnosing and replacing of exhaust components is a complex process. We can test all systems including Catalystic Convertors, Diesel Particulate Filters and Manivertors, Lambda Sensors, Diagnostic Sensors and Temperature Probes.

M.O.T Repairs
We can cater for MOT Testing and all repairs associated with this test.

MOT and Service Reminders
We offer a MOT/Service Reminder facility, which can be text, emailed, telephoned or good old fashioned letter if you require.